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A 1999 Kawasaki W650 turned into an authentic Cafe Racer

We cannot deny that we are fans of Cafe Racer, and whenever we find one that we love, we share it in this blog.

This 1999 Kawasaki W650 is one of the Cafe Racer that has stolen our attention lately.

This Kawasaki W650 e s just one Triumph of those used to ride in the deserts of the US-or Catalina Island in the 60s. ”

The retro style of this model makes the perfect match with the Cafe Racer line and is precisely what Karles Vives and his team of Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles sought as the basis for creating this beauty.

It was necessary to rebuild much of the original Kawasaki to get the result that the team had in mind, the sizeable retro-looking leather seat is a clear example, although there are also components that were kept in stock such as the Kawasaki fuel tank, along with His rubber knee pads.

We also found a new pair of aluminum fenders and a new taillight and headlight. A Daytona speedo and small LEDs as signals at both ends around the electrical system.

A pair of medium-height shotgun escapes with internal dB killers were also manufactured. To get a more ergonomic model installed enduro guides and a couple of handmade footpegs.

The Fuel team has kept the original side covers, the airbox, and the central support, but added a stainless steel skate plate to keep the bottom of the motorcycle safe from the rocks.

Charles describes the suspension describes it as “A progressive suspension system that combines the actions of the springs and the air, with the possibility of adjusting the pressure according to the weight of the pilot.”

The stickers, paint, and finishes give the final touch to this authentic Kawasaki W650 Cafe Racer.

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