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Agusta Brutale celebrates July 4 with an America Special Edition

In addition to the name, the motorcycle refers to the country and the celebration in its design, since it carries the colors and details, inspired by the American flag, in a very patriotic way.

As we know, this is not the first time that MV Agusta pays tribute to the legendary MV 750 S America 730 of 1975, since in 2012 he launched this model, based on the 1000 tetracylinder.

For this occasion, the three-cylinder Dragster 800 was chosen, to make the America Special Edition possible.

Here is a video so you can get to know its design, colors, and details better, without a doubt an excellent option for US lovers or those who share the celebration of July 4.

The new motorcycle has a unique decoration in metallic blue, combined with red and white, as in original America, and equips a seat with new red upholstery, select edition number engraved with laser on the top plate and some other chromatic detail.

On the side of the tank, they have placed an exceptional logo and reminiscent of what could be seen in the MV Agusta 750 S of 1973, which had colors very similar to those now used.

The front fin is now shiny black while on the side of the radiator as well as on the rear fin you can see the new logo of this America Special Edition.

In its tank incorporates a pad of the Castiglioni Research Center ( CRC ) in addition to a unique logo with 37 stars, one for each of the world championships achieved by MV Agusta in its history.

Ahead and laser engraving on the triple post, the numbering of the unit of which only a total of 50 will be sold, one for each of the States that form the USA and will be priced at $ 14,998.

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