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An American style motorcycle

The best tips for riding a motorcycle in the summer

1: How is your motorcycle?

Before deciding on the trip, the most important thing is to check the motorcycle’s condition, tire pressure, chain tension, greasing, correct levels of light, oil, water, antifreeze. Also check the status of the brakes, radiations, and suspension.

2: Your protective equipment

We will start with the kit: helmet, jacket and summer gloves for motorcycle, as well as suitable footwear, as well as long pants, if you do not want to wear a ventilated motorcycle suit, opt for jeans.

3: The luggage

By motorcycle you can only think of one thing, you will carry everything you decide to sell, so it is much better to carry little luggage when riding a motorcycle in summer. Think of defined outfits for each day and try to do a “recycling” by washing at one of the points where you stop.

We know that it is not always so easy to go light luggage. The important thing, then, is that neither its weight, nor its volume, nor its distribution, nor its support, put you at risk, remember that it is essential that your luggage never stands out from the front, or behind, or the sides.

4: And the rest?

To ride a motorcycle in summer, it is essential to stay rested and hydrated, and these two points are crucial to enjoying the entire road trip.

Include in your natural luggage water or add a little lemon or Jamaica, always natural to hydrate you, you can use a Camelbak or stop at self-service stores.

Dehydration is one of the greatest dangers in driving, as it reduces the ability to concentrate and react and can even cause loss of consciousness.

Tiredness is another of the most critical factors in reducing attention and concentration. Therefore, you should stop every hour and a half or two hours, rest for at least 20 minutes and take the opportunity to do some stretching, in addition to hydrating.

5: The route

We recommend you install an excellent GPS navigator on your cell phone.

The route we recommend is:

Valle de Bravo – Malinalco – Tepoztlán Route

Estimated time: three days

Distance traveled: 265 km

The trip begins in Valle de Bravo and is driven by dirt roads passing by the majestic Xinantécatl or Nevado de Toluca, crossing the fertile cultivation areas of the valley of Mexico until reaching the picturesque archaeological site of Malinalco, where the temple is located largest monolithic in North and Central America. On Sunday, the foothills of the mountain range are adjacent to the state of Morelos, following real roads and gaps drawn by the old railway, to the center of Tepoztlan, an attractive tourist center, in the heart of the hot land.

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