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Cooling system of your motorcycle

What is antifreeze for?

Maintain the correct coolant level, prevents freezing, overheating, and corrosion.

For aluminum engines

Use only high-quality ethylene glycol antifreeze that contains corrosion protection inhibitors recommended explicitly for use in aluminum engines.

Mix with water according to the temperature.

Use low mineral drinking water or distilled water as part of the antifreeze solution. Water with the high mineral content of salt can damage the aluminum engine.

What proportion is needed according to the ambient temperature?

Climates from 12 to 18 degrees Cº. A 50/50 ratio is the most suitable for most operating temperatures and also offers excellent corrosion protection. A high concentration of antifreeze decreases the performance of the cooling system.

Climates from 0 to 10 degrees Cº. A high concentration of antifreeze is only recommended when more excellent protection against freezing is necessary. During freezing temperatures, check the cooling system frequently and add a higher level of antifreeze (a maximum of 60% antifreeze) if needed.

Climates from 28 to 40 degrees Cº. A concentration of less than 40/60 (40% antifreeze) will not offer proper corrosion protection. The water cools faster than the antifreeze, but in case you live in a scorching climate, make sure that your mixture contains drinking water or without minerals.

In case of requiring a higher concentration of water due to the weather, the maintenance, and change of the water increases, to avoid corrosion.

How to choose antifreeze

As you have probably noticed, there are hundreds of formulations and characteristics that differentiate one antifreeze from another. The shelf is saturated with options, and you will want to know which is the best alternative for your motorcycle.

There are so many brands, models and versions of motorcycles on the streets, that we cannot, for sure, recommend a specific antifreeze at this time. What we can do is give you some tips to make your decision simpler.

  1. Check your user manual thoroughly. If possible, take it to an authorized distributor of the brand, since the recommendations that they can give you or the products that they add, will be the most indicated and for the elements that your engine was designed.
  2. You are concentrated versus dilute antifreeze. This also depends on the components of your cooling system and how they can resist certain chemical elements, which is one of the characteristics of all antifreeze. If most of the aspects of your order are metallic, which is very common on motorcycles, you can use concentrated antifreeze. But if you do not live in a place with extreme temperatures, it is not necessary and can be used without any problem that has been previously reduced.
  3. The mix of different brands. Many people recommend that different brands of antifreeze not be used within the same system, as some could make some chemical reaction, and damage the system. This is a myth since they are made with very similar components, so if the liquid is needed, it can be added from another brand. If the lack of antifreeze liquid is constant, leaks should be sought.

Constant revision of the cooling system can save you a considerable amount of money. This since it helps you detect antifreeze leaks in time. This can prevent damage to the engine due to overheating, or damage to the cooling system due to the operation of the pump without circulating liquid, which can damage it.

Once a year it is necessary to thoroughly purge the liquid, clean the system and add it again, so that it keeps running 100% and continues to protect the engine of your motorcycle.

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