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Five apps that every motorcyclist must have when it comes to shooting

For example, there are perfume campaigns that combine clothes with the motor. Balmain or Karl Lagerfeld have developed this type of pieces in their collaborations between clothing and motorcycle brands.

The use of motorcycles is not only exclusive for daily transport. According to Diego Pérez, spokesman for SUPERMEN, using these vehicles is also synonymous with adventure, experience, and personality. “Motorcycles can represent an attractive and adventurous personality as a way of life; it also serves as a complement to the most important moments of the motorcyclist. The world of motorcycles also revolves around social groups where you can create strong bonds of friendship and share rides, rides and other experiences in common, ”he said.

Moreover, a study by Carole Nash to test perceptions of motorcyclists obtained the following results: motorcyclists are the most attractive. The investigation revealed that those who own a motorcycle are seen as adventurers for a third of the opposite sex (34%), daring people (28%) and that they like fun (26%).

The investigation also revealed that one in four men own a motorcycle to impress a woman and almost a third (31%) would be willing to use this means of transport to impress a potential couple. This has positioned positively in contrast to the negative stereotypes that some people have.

On the other hand, in addition to its advantages over image and perception, riding a motorcycle, as well as any other transport, requires great responsibility, since they are more vulnerable to accidents. It is proven that the incidence of motorcycle accidents is a severe problem in cities.

For this reason, below we present a selection of applications to move around the city, security and to leave the route. All are free, and you might consider having them on your Smartphone.

– Direct line App: it is a direct line application with tools for all drivers. Among its features is: the location of the motorcycle once parked, a guide on what to do in the event of an accident, a breathalyzer rate calculator. Users also have access to their insurance and services. Free for iOS and Android.

– Waze: it is useful to move around the city by motorcycle as it indicates the information related to the state of traffic, controls, radars, areas where they are working on works, among others. It is shared by other users of the app in real-time and is available for iOS and Android.

– Rain Alarm: is a meteorological application that informs about any precipitation that is approaching and may affect your route. Available for iOS and Android.

– Wikiloc: this application has the option of recording your motorcycle routes on a map and photographing throughout the trip. Other users have the opportunity to upload their itineraries, and you can download their courses. It is free for iOS and Android. -Weide: it is an app recognized worldwide and considered the most famous about the motorcycle environment, among its various functions related to the routes, the user can design them in detail and share them with other people, as well as find new ones and provide the rest. The west option allows you to locate your friends with a record on the map when you are on the road.

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