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We can offer you some excellent options for different roads, yesterday we show you the opportunity for trips to high tourism, landscapes, and comfort.

But if yours is the adventure with capital letters, regardless of whether it is on asphalt or outside it, these three hardeners will not disappoint you, a route with unforeseen, off and on the road, unexpected roads and more. For a mountain trip, adventure, alternative spaces, and more, our suggestions are as follows. : the BMW R 1200 GS, the queen for more than 30 years; the MTS Enduro of Ducati; and the 1290 Super Adventure T from KTM

BMW R 1200 GS

After more than three decades since its launch, this Bavarian barbarian motorcycle remains the queen when the asphalt must be left. This year it has been renewed with more technology to provide it with greater adaptability, technology, comfort, and safety. Without a doubt, one of the favorites for adventure and long trips.

Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro

The new incursion of the Italian brand between the large and versatile motorcycles of “enduro” has this time brought a turnaround for the segment of all-terrain lovers. It is well known that the technology, quality, and elegance of the brand offers a guarantee on its products. So we will also recommend this bike for this adventure that you are about to live.

KTM 1290 Super Adventure T

The largest of the Austrian “trail” bikes are updated in 2017 with three versions: S, for those who do not give up right curves; R, for those who are looking for them directly, and this T, for those who reward comfort, is why it is an excellent option for an adventurous and tourist terrain. Cheaper than the Ducati but less than the BMW, so if you are also looking for a price consider this option.

These three options mentioned above offer an incredible storage capacity for both luggage and gasoline, this allows you to take a long trip apart from the adventure without worrying about loading gasoline often or the comfort of what you carry.

You have no excuse, and the weather is fantastic to go rolling, so accumulate kilometers, experiences, and enjoy an unforgettable vacation. We hope that our recommendation will help you to go to that model that suits you if you prefer a tremendous chopper-style tourism.

We hope this article serves you and we wish you an excellent shot.

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