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Reasons why detonations occur on a motorcycle

This happens because an exhaust deflagration is an explosion produced by a functioning internal combustion engine that occurs in the intake or exhaust system instead of the combustion chamber. In simple words, the combustion of the gas was not done correctly, and in contact with some hot wall, it generates an explosion.

If the ” detonations ” or the “ knocking ” occur at steady engine speed with average load, the cause is gasoline, the gasoline of at least 92 octanes is required, so change the brand of gas.

If the detonations or the knocking persist, there is possibly an air inlet somewhere in the engine or any of the following failures.

The most frequent causes:

  1. Dirty carburetor
  2. Lack of octane in gasoline or water in it.
  3. Spark plugs in poor condition

How to solve it:

The carburetor is simple to clean, and some spray products solve this problem. Or with a little more knowledge disassemble and clean in detail.

The octane in gasoline is resolved by switching to Premium gasoline; most large motorcycles require a minimum of 92 octanes in their fuel. And Premium gasoline has 93 octanes.

The state of the spark plug is generally a crack in the ceramic that is visible to the naked eye, so the solution is to replace them.

In case the problem persists, it is necessary to go to your trusted workshop and review in detail, since it can be a more complicated failure, and this can affect the life of your motorcycle.

We know that it is said that the explosion of the motorcycle is not necessary or there are many myths that it is due to lack of warm-up, handling, or some other tale. But the reality is that it can affect your motorcycle. So don’t let it pass.

Good trip!

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