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In this first edition of this article, we will show you the options for Gran Turismo road. If your image of these vacations is a trip on great roads, stops in small towns, incredible views, magical villages, comfortable, long and quiet tour. The best option for you is a Gran Turismo motorcycle with functional storage capacity for gasoline, suitable in a driving position, light, and storage size. So here we leave you the four best options of 2017.

Indian Roadmaster Classic

This excellent route is the best of the American firm for lovers of luxury on two wheels. Its almost 124 liters of cargo capacity is a guarantee for long trips, comfort, smooth handling, excellent load capacity, its support allows you and a companion to travel comfortably and without a doubt a beauty in its kind.

Harley-Davidson Road King Special

Minimalist to its essence, this version of one of the most typical models of the Motor Company has the new Milwaukee-Eight engine of the brand. Extremely comfortable for light handling. Although it has a passenger seat, the minimalist model has a visual charm that would jealously adapt with a backrest. Excellent engine and fuel capacity to travel.

Moto Guzzi MGX-21

This beautiful motorcycle as they only leave the mythical factory of Mandello del Lario (Italy), this “technocruiser” has the most significant “V” engine manufactured in Europe and a few pieces of carbon. Its power, capacity, and strength make your trip a light, comfortable, and adventurous experience. A stable motorcycle adapted for two passengers but preferably for one is ideal.

Honda Shadow Phantom 750

An incredible motorcycle that has not changed its model much in several years; this is because of its success in the market. It is one of the most massive bikes more saves in its handling, it is small that allows comfortable mobility in the city; it does not get boiling, delighted in its position on the road. It will enable a large storage capacity, which allows us to make a long trip with everything you need. The problem with this motorcycle is that it is gas storage capacity is low, so it is required to load approximately every 200 km.

You have no excuse, and the weather is fantastic to go rolling, so accumulate kilometers, experiences, and enjoy an unforgettable vacation. We hope that our recommendation will help you to go to that model that suits you.

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