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The 10 most frequent mistakes of a new motorcyclist.

The ten most frequent mistakes of a motorcyclist who has just bought a motorcycle are prevalent because of that emotion and haste to have it. The purchase of your first motorcycle, it is always something so exciting that frequently essential details that can affect your safety or that of your bike are passed.

1.- Read the manual of your motorcycle.

We know it is boring and we rarely take the time to do it. But you will realize a thousand important things that you have to consider. Remember that each motorcycle is different, and the advice you give from some other biker may not be the best for you. You will find necessary details such as maintenance schedule, pressure, and type of your tire, maintenance, and much more. So we recommend it widely, and if you do not have it for some reason, you can download it online.

2.- Protection equipment.

Having protective gear is not something you can leave for tomorrow, much less if this is the first time you have a motorcycle or the first large motorcycle. So before going out to test that engine, we recommend that you buy a helmet (with the correct certifications), gloves, boots, and jacket as a basic. If you want to know more about the protective equipment.

3.- Not knowing the traffic regulations.

The traffic regulations on each CD are different, but on the federation page you can download it, and you will save yourself some fine and risks. You will also avoid driving like many among cars, on inappropriate roads, parking in prohibited places, etc. In most states, you break the law without a helmet, with the headlights off or without a vest. Research those details well.

4.- Do not seat the engine.

This is one of the biggest and most common mistakes you can have against your new toy. Failure to seat your motorcycle engine may shorten the life of the motorcycle, or it may cause it never to reach full capacity, so do not miss this detail.

5.- Do not do services on time.

You have your motorcycle, and you almost always remember to put gasoline on it. Sometimes you think more about attachments and accessories, before checking the systems and maintenance of your motorcycle promptly. For this, we recommend that you read your manual carefully.

6.- Not giving proper care to the bike.

Apart from tuning, maintenance, periodic review, and all those details. Remember that your motorcycle must be protected from dust, rain, and theft. It is important to anticipate where you are going to keep it. You don’t want to have to repair paint or change components in the short term.

7.- Block the tires

This is just one of the many caring cares; we recommend that you consider a driving course to avoid unnecessary falls. But we tell you because when you do not have the developed skill, it is straightforward to be scared of some mishap and stop at full power with the front tire that is sure to lock and make you afraid.

8.- Fall back in “U” or roundabouts.

This error is also frequent when starting to drive. We continue to recommend taking a course. But keep in mind that it does not slow down, losing balance or cornering will undoubtedly make you fall. We recommend that you practice a lot in a traffic-free area.

9.- Excess of trust.

A couple of months with a motorcycle and one feels that he already knows them all because that is not true. You are never fully prepared to ride a bike, and it is essential to stay alert at all times. The worst mistakes are at that moment when you stopped preventing small ones.

10.- Take a curve.

The challenge of a motorcycle while driving will always be the curve. None is the same, the conditions are still different and require a skill that, with all years of driving, does not finish perfecting. We leave here an article on how to take a curve.

Well, these are some of the many precautions to take. We want this purchase of yours to be the best decision of your life for all motorcyclists. Enjoy your motorcycle and go rolling.

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