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The dangerous thing is not the motorcycle, it is the person who drives it.

The concern is appreciated, but it is not like we do not know and well, it is as dangerous as driving a car or crossing the street without precaution.

A responsible Biker knows this, and everyone who goes on the road is aware of it, that is why he uses a helmet and all kinds of protective equipment, that is why before riding a motorcycle he took a course and was informed of what it implied, know the rules of roads and respect them.

We do not ignore the fact that there are people who go out to shoot without full knowledge of what they do, who believe that riding a motorcycle is just an easy game.

It is probably because of this group of people that riding a motorcycle is something so “demonized” and unfortunately little understood in society.

But it is only one group, and the truth is that we have many riders (actual motorcyclists), for whom shooting is a lifestyle, precisely for this reason we take it very seriously.

Being a real motorcyclist is not a synonym for danger, nor is it true that we represent a risk to anyone.

Who jeopardizes their integrity and that of others are unconscious people, and of those, there are driving motorcycles, cars, bikes, skateboards, and even tricycles. The danger is not the vehicle you drive; the threat is the type of person you are.

Perhaps it is reasoning challenging to understand for many, especially if you are one of those people who speak and judge without full knowledge. Probably, in that case, the best position would be to thank the advice and ignore the poison.

What if we want to invite our readers is to be a real Biker, of those who make a difference with good practices.

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