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Transmission types: band, chain or cardan.

This makes us move; it is practically one of the essential systems. Each of the methods has its reason for being its disadvantages and advantages that we will show you here.

Transmission types: band, chain, or Cardan.

Chain transmission

The most popular and used is undoubtedly the chain transmission, which together with the pinion and the crown, is the one that best takes advantage of the engine’s power, the one that consumes the least energy, using only 3% of its strength and achieving redirect all the force of this towards the wheel. That is the main reason that this system is used exclusively in competitions. All sports and quarter-mile motorcycles use it.


  1. Very well known, efficient, and economical.
  2. Only spend 3% of the energy.
  3. It is effortless to repair.
  4. It is very safe if it is properly maintained.
  5. That’s why track and quarter-mile motorcycles use chain.
  6. The durability with proper maintenance is up to 150,000 km.
  7. It is very cheap, and the complete kit costs approximately 400 pesos.


  1. If the chain breaks, it can be tied in the wheel, and this can cause an accident.
  2. It requires constant maintenance, and every 1000km needs to be oiled and checked.

Transmission by Cardan.

The second method is the secondary transmission by Cardan, although it is not the most used is the preference of manufacturers who create motorcycles for travel, such as trail or tourism. The German brand BMW is the one that has developed this technology the most, which consists of a system of bevel gears and a drive shaft, which allow the power of the engine to be transferred to the wheel, this system is very safe. Its technology and operation make its durability and trust the best. But not everything is right in this system, despite its qualities it spends 33% of the engine’s energy.


  1. It does not need constant maintenance.
  2. It’s very safe.
  3. It does not produce noise.
  4. It is only necessary to change the suggestion of the oil every 5000 km approx.


  1. It consumes a lot of energy 33%.
  2. I am reducing horsepower.
  3. The system is costly to repair, although it hardly breaks down.

Toothed Belt System

The third medium used for power transmission is the gear band with gear. This system uses the same principle as the chain, and its advantage over it is that it does not need maintenance and makes less noise. But it has less resistance if used on dusty terrain. Also, it is fragile if it is coupled to powerful engines of more than 1200 cc, so its use is limited to 800 cc vehicles below.


  1. A comparison of the chain does not need maintenance every 1000 km.
  2. Maintenance only requires verifying that you have the correct tension.
  3. The change of band is suggested from 25,000 km to 85,000 km
  4. Much less noisy system.
  5. A safer system, when the band breaks it only falls and does not tie to the tire.


  1. Spend 11% of engine power.
  2. The band does not hold much tension, that’s why they go on not so big engines.
  3. The cost of changing the band is more expensive than the chain but much cheaper than Cardan.

Now that you know what the transmission system is, you’ll see what you need for your needs. If you are dedicated to your motorcycle and yours is to economize, or you prefer a bike, the chain is a system that is going well for you. If you do not have time to give constant maintenance to your bike and you have an 800cc bike down, the band system is the best option. Since if you are looking for comfort and safety. And economic is not a factor, and the best option is Cardan.

Now you have the tools to choose your needs. We send you greetings and continue offering you those tips that can help you make an important decision.

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