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Traveling on a motorcycle with rain is not impossible.

Traveling by motorcycle with rain has its magic. However, water and bikes have their differences.

Fortunately, technology is on our side and offers us many tools that we can use in our favor when traveling on a motorcycle with rain so that this does not mean staying at home.

The essential thing before going out to shoot under a rainy day is to wear the right equipment. Many waterproof clothing options on the market solve the issue of cold and humidity quite well. It is crucial because we could not drive our motorcycle with a frozen body. The most modern bikes have a heating system.

Boots, jacket, pants, gloves and very important, a suitable helmet, there are many types of masks made especially for this type of situations, covers that prevent the visor from fogging inside and that manage to remove the excess water on the outside to give us Good visibility

Another instrumental contribution of technology is the ABS braking system. Braking with a wet floor can be much riskier, the tires don’t have the same grip, but a motorcycle with ABS can prevent us from having a hard time. It is crucial to maintain our bike before going out to ride, especially if it will be under conditions such as a rainy day. To brake on a wet surface, it is advisable to do it little by little, with a long time in advance and gently.

However, even with all the help of technology, the most important thing is the pilot’s expertise. An experienced pilot knows how to react to these types of circumstances, as he had already faced them before and learned from his mistakes.

Extreme precautions, go slower and make smooth movements, do not stick too much to other vehicles, stay visible, and enjoy the rain.

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