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What should a basic motorcycle tool kit have?

However, like all means of transport, it requires constant maintenance. While it is true, it is necessary to go to a professional, what happens when we do not have a nearby team of mechanics during a trip?

Javier Ribas explains that we must always carry a team of tools on trips, whether to shoot in the city or make long journeys. “Most motorcycles include a kit, but they are fundamental tools. There are more specific tools to solve possible failures, Such as the small flat screwdriver, which is essential to regulate the carburetor mixture. An Alamitos portable easel is also essential in a long journey. And of course, a pressure gauge to verify that the tires are in good condition, ” says the expert.

Next, we will know more about the tools we should have:

Screwdrivers: you must include in your tool kit a 5mm flat screwdriver and a number 2 cross screwdriver. Most motorcycles come armed with cross or star screws, and the screwdrivers allow you to access some essential places like the box of fuses or battery terminals.

The flat screwdriver is handy, and you can also use it to remove flat slot screws, such as lever or guide to attach a wheel axle.

Mixed key: the mixed option is excellent for its versatility. Test it beforehand, considering it is of the correct size according to the axles of your wheels. This tool decouples a motor in the case of a puncture.

Allen wrench set: in case of a significant breakdown, Allen wrenches are essential because many of the motorcycle components are assembled with Allen screws. Therefore, without the relevant tool, it is impossible to remove one of these screws. Try to carry these keys of good quality to avoid the risk of breaking it when exerting force.

Wrench: this key is perfect for solving an eventuality since its range of application is very wide.

Spark plug wrench: it is an indispensable item in your toolkit. If you are a motorcyclist, you need to get the specific key for your motorcycle model, in this way you can make changes to the parts with particular failures.

Pressure clamp: the capacity of the pressure clamp is so good that it allows you to hold two pieces with it if you lost the screw that originally joined them. It can also be used to remove a screw without a head or to loosen a bit.

Puncture repair kit: it is essential since motorcycles, unlike cars, do not have a spare wheel. They are usually simple to handle and have everything necessary to continue the march.

For wheels without a camera or tubeless, it is as simple as removing the object that caused the puncture. Enlarge the hole with a punch, introduce a rubber wick wrapped in glue and proceed to inflate the wheel with the bottles of compressed air that usually include.

Essential spare parts: light bulbs, rifles, chain oil, or spark plugs are easy to change items and will allow us to continue the journey quietly. You can also buy a set of spotlights for taillight and the halogen headlight.

For the adventurous: these articles will be beneficial. A headlamp to have your hands free, adhesive tape, octopus to hold, plastic hose to transfer gasoline from one motorcycle to another, sealed metal and a battery cable with which you can start the bike from the battery of another bike in In case you got caught on a trip.

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