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What you have to know to modify your motorcycle

So, right and left we put and remove everything we want and not only that, this is part of the game of having a motorcycle. We are excited; it’s like dedicating that time to our greatest passion; doing something to the bike is the desire of the whole week.

But this sometimes has not very pleasant consequences, and it is essential to know them so that you make a decision and the necessary precautions.

Each manufacturer will recommend you not to add accessories that are not your brand and model. This sometimes sounds quite favorable to them, but sometimes they are right. By modifying or adding some accessories, you can change the center of balance of your motorcycle, driving, reduce its load capacity, power, among other things. So here we want to make some recommendations for you to take into account.

  • Make sure that the accessory does not interfere with any light, reduce ground clearance or lateral tilt angle, as well as limit the suspension travel, steering movement, or alter your driving position or interfere with the operation of none of the controls.
  • Make sure the electrical equipment does not exceed the capacity of the motorcycle’s electrical system. A blown a fuse can cause a loss of light or power in the motor.
  • Do not hook a trailer or sidecar to the motorcycle. This will significantly change the balance of the bike, will force the natural movement and inclination of the bike, the bikes have not been designed to carry these accessories, and their use can seriously impair the handling of the bike.
  • Removing or modifying lights, silencers, emission control system, or other parts of the original equipment may also make it an illegal vehicle.
  • And our last recommendation is critical, carefully check the prestige of the manufacturer of the part you buy. Although it seems an insignificant change, such as the clutch lever only to match the rest of the accessories, these on occasions do not have the correct specifications and break, causing a significant accident. So make sure the modification has the exact specifications and quality.

Well now that we know the essential details to consider making your own decision to make those modifications, and enjoy your toy. I can’t resist the temptation to buy accessories for my motorcycle.

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