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You are a motorcyclist and you want to support the victims in CDMX

We have worked hard to create a motorcycle with very distinctive features, such as a clean main body, a shallow side profile, a bold posture, a unique air intake, logical line solutions, and fresh graphics.


Construction: 2 cylinders 4 75 ° V-style

Capacity: 1,195 cm³

Diameter: 105 mm

Stroke: 69 mm

Approximate power: 200 hp

Transmission: 6-speed jaw shift transmission

Lubrication: Dry-sump lubrication

Main shaft ratio: 40:76

Shaft ratio: 15:41

Clutch: Hydraulic clutch jump

Ignition: Complete electronic engine control with digital ignition adjustment

Frame chassis

: Aero technology of steel /Titanium/carbon fiber frame

Fork: Upside down

Suspension Double suspension bracket

Front suspension bracket: 80 mm

Rear spring travel: 70 mm

Front brake system: Double brake disc, ø320mm, Four-piston calipers

Rear brake: A brake disc, ø220mm

. O-Ring

Head tube angle: 59 °

Fork and: 54 °

Running height: 90 mm

Seat height: 710 mm

Fuel tank capacity: 10.5 l

Dry weight: 181 kg

Wheel front: 3.00 × 19; 120/70 ZR19

Rear-wheel: 6.00 × 17; 190/55 ZR17

2014 LOTUS C-01 MOTORCYCLE DESIGN. After two years of careful planning and intense development, Kodewa announced that the prototype of the world’s first motorcycle with the legendary Lotus brand is now registered and ready for action. Kodera has been granted a license to produce the bike by Group Lotus plc, the world-renowned sports car manufacturer and engineering consulting. The C-01 combines a broad power through a V-twin engine with a distinctive body designed by Daniel Simon integrating carbon fiber, titanium, and aerospace quality steel.

The C-01 motorcycle has not been designed, designed or produced by Group Lotus plc, but is the result of a collaboration between motor racing veterans under the leadership of Kodewa, led by Dr. Colin Kolles. The development of the C-01 was carried out with the support of Holzer Group (co-owners of Kalex) and the design guru Daniel Simon. The team of engineers has designed a high-performance superbike.

With an exclusive production of only 100 units, superbike collectors and Lotus brand fans will have to move quickly to secure one.

The combination of various efforts and specialists did this project a reality, a superbike that will hardly be forgotten one day.

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